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101Covid-19: More young children are being infected in Israel and Italy, emerging data suggestBMJ2021       LitCov
102Scoping review of COVID-19-related systematic reviews and meta-analyses: can we really have confidence in their results?Postgrad Med J2021       LitCov and CORD-19
103We Asked the Experts: The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recommendations for Content and Implementation AdaptationsWorld J Surg2021       LitCov and CORD-19
104Covid-19 vaccination: What's the evidence for extending the dosing interval?BMJ2021       LitCov and CORD-19
105Computed tomography assessment of PEEP induced alveolar recruitment in patients with severe COVID-19 pneumoniaCrit Care2021       LitCov and CORD-19
106Covid-19: The E484K mutation and the risks it posesBMJ2021       LitCov and CORD-19
107Usability of saliva collection devices for SARS-CoV-2 diagnosticsmedRxiv2021       CORD-19
108Histopathological assessments reveal retinal vascular changes, inflammation and gliosis in patients with lethal COVID-19medRxiv2021       CORD-19
109A single-cell and spatial atlas of autopsy tissues reveals pathology and cellular targets of SARS-CoV-2bioRxiv2021       CORD-19
110Gastrointestinal mucosal damage in patients with COVID-19 undergoing endoscopy: an international multicenter studyBMJ Open Gastroenterol2021       LitCov and CORD-19
111Long-Term SARS-CoV-2-Specific Immune and Inflammatory Responses Across a Clinically Diverse Cohort of Individuals Recovering from COVID-19medRxiv2021       CORD-19
112Estimation of secondary household attack rates for emergent SARS-CoV-2 variants detected by genomic surveillance at a community-based testing site in San FranciscomedRxiv2021       CORD-19
113Gender differences in couples' division of childcare, work and mental health during COVID-19Rev Econ Househ2021       LitCov and CORD-19
114An Emergent Network for the Diffusion of Innovations Among Local Health Departments at the Onset of the COVID-19 PandemicPrev Chronic Dis2021       LitCov and CORD-19
115Multimeric nanobodies from camelid engineered mice and llamas potently neutralize SARS-CoV-2 variantsbioRxiv2021       CORD-19
116Intrafamilial Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 Associated with Cellular Immune Response without Seroconversion, FranceEmerg Infect Dis2021       LitCov and CORD-19
1172020: The Year of the COVID-19 PandemicJ Nutr Health Aging2020       LitCov and CORD-19
118Impact of a Nationwide Lockdown on SARS-CoV-2 Transmissibility, ItalyEmerg Infect Dis2021       LitCov and CORD-19
119Isolation, Sequence, Infectivity and Replication Kinetics of SARS-CoV-2Emerg Infect Dis2020       LitCov and CORD-19
120Effect of school closures on mortality from COVID-19: old and new predictionsBMJ2020       LitCov and CORD-19
121Effectiveness of Face Masks in Preventing Airborne Transmission of SARS-CoV-2mSphere2020       LitCov and CORD-19
122Weight loss, hypertension and mental well-being improvements during COVID-19 with a multicomponent health promotion programme on Zoom: a service evaluation in primary careBMJ Nutr Prev Health2021       CORD-19
123Tracking down John Bell: how the case of the Oxford professor exposes a transparency crisis in governmentBMJ2021       CORD-19
124Covid-19: People are not being warned about pitfalls of mass testingBMJ2021       LitCov and CORD-19
125Building a Community Partnership in a Pandemic: NJ Pediatric Residency Advocacy CollaborativePediatrics2021       LitCov and CORD-19
126Covid-19: Young mother should be allowed to die in "almost unbearable" tragedy, says judgeBMJ2021       LitCov
127Lyme Disease in the Era of COVID-19: A Delayed Diagnosis and Risk for ComplicationsCase Rep Infect Dis2021       LitCov and CORD-19
128Covid-19: UK officials try to trace unidentified case of Brazil variantBMJ2021       LitCov
129Sex differences in the mortality rate for COVID-19 compared to other causes of deathmedRxiv2021       CORD-19
130Recombinant protein subunit SARS-CoV-2 vaccines formulated with CoVaccine HT adjuvant induce broad, Th1 biased, humoral and cellular immune responses in micebioRxiv2021       CORD-19
131COVID-19 symptoms: a case-control study, Portugal, March-April 2020Epidemiol Infect2021       LitCov and CORD-19
132SARS-CoV-2 Total and Subgenomic RNA Viral Load in Hospitalized PatientsmedRxiv2021       CORD-19
133COVID-19 Mortality in California Based on Death Certificates: Disproportionate Impacts Across Racial/Ethnic Groups and NativitymedRxiv2021       CORD-19
134Modeling infection dynamics and mitigation strategies to support K-6 in-person instruction during the COVID-19 pandemicmedRxiv2021       CORD-19
135Engineered SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain improves immunogenicity in mice and elicits protective immunity in hamstersbioRxiv2021       CORD-19
136Consistency of performance of adverse outcome prediction models for hospitalized COVID-19 patientsmedRxiv2021       CORD-19
137Development and validation of a prediction model for 30-day mortality in hospitalised patients with COVID-19: the COVID-19 SEIMC scoreThorax2021       LitCov and CORD-19
138Survival after extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in severe COVID-19 ARDS: results from an international multicenter registryCrit Care2021       LitCov and CORD-19
139Covid-19: 237m vaccine doses to be distributed worldwide over next three monthsBMJ2021       LitCov
140Genomic epidemiology of COVID-19 in care homes in the east of EnglandElife2021       LitCov and CORD-19
141Sidebar: North Carolina's Process for Developing Our COVID-19 Vaccine PlanN C Med J2021       LitCov and CORD-19
142Association of clinical sub-phenotypes and clinical deterioration in COVID-19: further cluster analysesIntensive Care Med2021       LitCov and CORD-19
143SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 and B.1.351 Spike variants bind human ACE2 with increased affinitybioRxiv2021       CORD-19
144Tracking smell loss to identify healthcare workers with SARS-CoV-2 infectionPLoS One2021       LitCov and CORD-19
145Physical Activity Patterns Among Patients with Intracardiac Remote Monitoring Devices Before, During and After COVID-19-related Public Health RestrictionsmedRxiv2021       CORD-19
146Following the science? Comparison of methodological and reporting quality of covid-19 and other research from the first wave of the pandemicBMC Med2021       LitCov and CORD-19
147Pulmonary Rehabilitation in a Post-COVID-19 World: Telerehabilitation as a New Standard in Patients with COPDInt J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Di2021       LitCov and CORD-19
148Behind the scenes of the Pfizer BioNTech covid-19 vaccine trialBMJ2021       LitCov and CORD-19
149Recommendations and Guidance for Steroid Injection Therapy and COVID-19 Vaccine Administration from the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience (ASPN)J Pain Res2021       LitCov and CORD-19
150Covid-19: Why are age and obesity risk factors for serious disease?BMJ2020       LitCov and CORD-19

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(3) Currently tweets of February 27th to March 5th 2021 have been considered.

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